Feature Matrix

This table outlines which features are supported for which provider. To get more information about a feature hover the mouse over the row.

Amazon EC2 CloudSigma DigitalOcean GoGrid Lunacloud Windows Azure
Display/Search/Filter Instances
Create Instance x
Start Instance
Stop Instance
Reboot Instance o
Terminate Instance
Favorite Instance
Rename Instance x x
Clone Instance o o o o
Manage IPs o o o o
Show Console Output o o o o o
Toggle Monitoring o o o o o
Toggle automatic Backups o o o o o
Reset Password o o o o
Show Logins o o o o
Batch Start/Stop Instances

Display/Search/Filter Images
Create Image/Snapshot x
Delete Image/Snapshot x

Show Load Balancers o o o o
Show Billing Information x o o o
Visualize Network o o o
Show Service Health o

Secure communication
over HTTPS

✓: Implemented | x: Not (yet) implemented | o: Not supported by provider